Monday, December 29, 2014

I am an Indian and I have no God

India has long been the refuge of the world. Great thinkers from all ages and directions have come here to find peace and purpose. In being the shelter of the spiritual world the country has become nefarious. Belittled by the
superfluous interpretations of the world.

This is now a country ruled by mass opinion. It does not take intelligence or hardwork to make a difference anymore. All it takes is for enough people to hear you. When a country's highlight is religion you know as a Bright that you are born in the wrong nation. When every government form asks you to state a religion and almost every other institution has reservations based on religion you begin to question the authenticity of such institutions.

I shall not debate on the age long debate about the proof of God. I shall however comment on the need for him and why I find God depressing. When I question staunch advocates of religion and/or God and attempt to blow holes in their theories they always fall back to arguments that can be counted on your fingers.

I shall address them one be one.

  • In God there is Hope.
    • For the love of me I cannot understand why we need God to have hope. In my opinion all this sentence is conveying is that when you are down and under all you would do is believe someone will bail you out. What is the matter? Can I not use the brain I have so carefully cultivated during my education and get out of the situation?
    • For hope to exist there must be despair. During despair can I not allow myself to know that it was me that brought this mess onto myself. All God does is take a way the blame. I need to take responsibility for my actions and not cower behind an idea.
  • We are God's children.
    • I am my parent's child. It would be shameful if I gave that position to someone who does not even appear before me in place of the parents that have brought me up? I would not dare to spit in the face of the years of toil they put in to bring me up by saying that I am God's child.
  • You have to agree someting is there. Call it by any name.
    • No I do not have to agree. I think there is nothing there. That this life is the only one I have. Brought into this world by my parents, I will live for a blink in time. I will do things that shall last longer than me. I will die and cease to exist. I shall be buried and have grass growing above me, water flowing under me. I shall be the supporter of a thousand lives once I am in the soil.
    • I shall cease to exis once dead. Nothing other than this life exists. There is no God. We are an accident in this universe.
Hence all I have to say is that we are no better than the mayfly that is born,eats and lays eggs. Only to die and be forgotten. The only thing for which we need to be grateful for is that we can attempt to understand this beautiful world we live in. We can attempt to know why.

It is the unknown which should be treated as God. That God is a god which is knowable. Then the purpose of our life is to know this god. To know why we are.

This society however does not permit us to have a god that is knowable. That would mean that man is alone and makes his own future. It assumes to much about god without having to prove them. Communal politics and putrid thoughtless behaviour among the masses of this land repell me. I can respect a person and their choice. I cannot however respect a man who takes shelter behind ideas without judging them by their own intellect despite being educated. I would rather live in a jungle of animals who think rather than a city of humans who do not.

This world IS. There is no need for something more.
I am an Indian. I have no God. I am proud.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

India Temperature Map

Looking at the cold wave in India currently I tried to lookup at the temperatures in the various places on the map. This was of interest to me as getting visual information of the temperatures was interesting as it showed where the cold was coming from.

My google fu was useless as the data was numeric and was simply too scattered.

Python to the rescue.

Out came a python script for collecting and plotting the data on a map of India.
The closer a temperature is to 55C  the more red it is.
The closer a temperature is to 0C the more Blue it is.

With this it is clear that the cold is coming from the "Wall in the North".
It also shows that Uttar Pradesh has been cold a lot. Mostly because it is a lot of open land and nothing to stop the wind from the Himalayas.

If you want to look at the script have a look at the Git-repo.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The notion of a soul

Recently my mother had a discussion with me related to spirituality. As usual it ended with none of us getting anywhere. I could not convince her of the futility of God and she could not convince me otherwise.

During this conversation she said some thing which once put in perspective led me to a thread of thought which I had previously not percieved.Let us do a thought experiment.

Imagine two worlds where nobody has introduced the notion of a Soul.
In one world(A) people are immortal. In the other(B) they die.

World B sounds like ours. When a person dies what is it that tells us that they are dead? Is it inactivity? If so then how is it different from paralysis? Is it brain function? Whatever the case may be it leads us to ask another question of ourselves. What is the difference between a dead person and a living person? I believe it is this question which gives rise to the notion of Soul. That unquantified thing which is added/removed upon death is what we call soul. It may/maynot exist. This is what we use to explain death.

In world A however nobody ever dies. Hence we may say that no terminal illnesses take place. Thus in world A the concept of death does not occur. Hence if the concept of death does not occur it implies that the concept of soul has no existance as it is not needed to explain anything.

In order to completely explain death one must first answer the question of describing life. When do complex chemical reactions begin to be called life?

All religions have gods or beliefs which may be explained using the interactions of that community with it's environment. For example there may be agod of the desert in the desert but not in the jungle.Since all religion of the world have some or the other concept of a soul they must all have derived it from a situation prevailent everywhere, namely death. All religions prepare us for some form of afterlife. Thus all of them condition us mentally to keep on living. They take the example of the Soul. In my opinion the soul itself is an explanation needed to explain death.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I was watching a cutscene from bioshock. He said "Imagine the will it took to build this place". That caught my eye. Will.

What is so special about that one thing. He did not say money or time. He said will. I began to dig deeper into this word and found that a lot of people who did amazing things came up against odds that were overwhelming. Tense situations either strengthen or break the will of a person. To quote from the monk who sold his ferarri "getting up in the morning takes will"

Hence I began my experiments with will.
I have not eaten anything since last night. That would make it 18 hours. For a guy like me who has three meals a day this is verry difficult.

The night was ok since I was sleeping most of the time. I usually have a breakfast of parathas. Pretty heavy. Hence by noon I was a little squeamish.
I had my first stomach growl at about lunch time. Since then lions have been roaring in my stomach regularly.

I try to dring water and settle them but it does not work. Ill eat dinner tonight at about 9pm. That will make it 24 hours of hunger. For the first time in my life I will have tested my will. The interruptions in attention when your stomach growls is very stark. It makes you stop whatever you are doing ang pay attention to it. Ill try to make this a habit. Delay the first growl to about 6pm. That ways I can go two days without food on my next test.

Lets see how long i last. Adios.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Lost in death

Are we as lost as this stream of water? 
No body remembers if the plants were watered but only if the rock was worn.

Life, lost in death.
In death, lost to life.

Our life lost in escaping death. Trying to live longer and betray this truth.
We tend to live as if there were nothing that could kill us.Our plans span years and even lifetimes while in a single breath, death can put us to sleep.

All we ever try to do is to live long  lives. With comfort and little pain. After death it is only action that lives on. The deeds of our life are what live on after we are put into the earth. If that is all that counts then it is not surprising that we do not account for a lot. Maybe I should start living every day as it comes.

Life, lost in death.
In death, lost to life.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A train of thought on purpose

What is purpose? I go on to propose that purpose is some state of being which a man wants to achieve. It might be world
dominion,excellence,power,love or even hate. He goes through time and every action and every thought is merely a means to attain that state.With
purpose comes Will and with Will action.Purpose is that which leaves you sleepless and wakes you up from your dreams of it. Purpose provides the Will
to carry on into the night while others tend to their bleeding feet. It is purpose that dictates a man to spend sleepless nights and yet be grateful
for them. It is the fire that burns bright despite the absence of fuel. It is that which every man wants to have and very few do. It is the heart of
life and only when that heart is beating does life begin.Purpose does not need justification once set in the mind of a man. It is the engine that
fuels itself. It is a waterfall that leads to the glacier where it came from. Once known to a man, it is eternal and all consuming.From being
purpose-less to having purpose is a journey which has broken many a spirit. Fortunate are those who have purpose for it is a broken man without one.

What if there is no purpose?What if there is?Whithout purpose a man is a broken spirit.The very nature of free will and intelligence begs of purpose.
Without purpose we have nothing to excercise the powers of intellect on. Without purpose we are the mosquitoe in a storm. We can fly,yes, but it does
not matter if we do.The spirit does not give us power enough to go against the storm if we so choose.With purpose however we are no longer a
mosquitoe in a storm; we are boulders in a river. We are in the river,yes, but we may choose to change it's course.Purpose is what defines us as
people. A purposeless man is no different from an animal, a single bacterial cell.When asked that is intelligence; i cannot answer. You see a single
cell is alive, but it's life can be quantified into reactions. An animal then. But is an animal not made of cells?And humans are nothing more than
animals in the eyes of staunch science. How then do we define intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability to define your own purpose. Ability mind you. This does not dictate that you must necessarily do so. You must be the
creator of action and not simply wait to react to something.A cell has a predefined purpose which is to survive and pass on the knowledge it gathers
in it's lifetime. The method of passing on differs from the level of life to organism complexity however this default purpose,if you will, remains.
When a lifeform begins to have the ability to ignore this purpose and work towards something else I would begin to call it intelligent behaviour. If
we analyse the current world with this in mind sudden changes in perception begin to occur. Institures of learning which were supposed to help us
find purpose and help us along that way suddenly become nothing more than places of training in a set of methods. Institutes of work have now become
employment centers.You family becomes just blood relations.That is what the absence of purpose does.

If purpose is so important in life, how does one go about acquiring it?Unlike popular perception purpose does not come from fate.Intelligence makes
it so that we must choose our own purpose. Yes hardships do help in deciding but the final decision is ours.With the improvement in quality of life
we have taken away hardship. The growing pains of a human psyche in my opinion has ben diminished to such an extent that the human is no longer
unique. Their memories are their own but their behaviours are not. They are standard run of the mill mass communication shaped psyches.One must
choose.The fear of failing is large.For better part of my life I have had the same fear. It has stopped me from becoming what I know I could have.The
fear of failing keeps you from giving it your all.If you allow your purpose to wholly define you.If you allow yourself to become so consumed by it,
immersed in it that without the purpose there is no you,then and only then will you know the joy of life. Of having something to live for. Let not
that fear of failing in your purpose keep you fromm choosing one.Keeping your options open, as they say, is the workst you could possibly do to
yourself. That keeps you from gaining purpose and thus your stringth of will that could be a hundred times more than what it is now.Close that door.
Refuse to go anywhere but where your purpose takes you.Turn down everything else. Breathe in the scent of hardwork and Will.Hear your heart beating
just to accomplish that one thing.With every action of yours know that you are closer.Then you shall not exist but live.Time shall fall away and
hunger shall not bother you.Sleep will not come easy unless dictated by the physical needs of our body. You will wake from the beautiful dreams of
that one purpose by the Will that burns inside you. But first you must make that choice. It is a big choice. Choose well.

Choose well. Ask a thousand questions before it.Raise a million doubts before it.Shake the choice to it's core.After making that choice however. Give
yourself to it and question it not. Let it guide you, show you places not seen. Soon enough the world shall seem different as you look through eyes
moist with the love for that one purpose.I say to you my friend.Purpose is human.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The voice of JARVIS

Finished reading up material on TTS engines. This is awesome stuff. I tried to find tried and tested things on python for TTS but came up with bindings that use the windows interface of other complicated stuff.

Ive decided to give JARVIS my own voice. Im writing my own TTS. Of course it will be buggy but my aim is to write it as a completely platform independent piece of code. It might take some time though. University examinations are here and I need to study for those.

Will get back on this. See you after the examinations. Most probably 10 Dec. If however Im in the mood and have some free time I will update on JARVIS.

Monday, November 17, 2014

JARVIS has cells

Al right folks. Finally wrote a piece of Artificaial Neural Network for Jarvis.

Jarvis officially has the brain cell.
Of course that is not the end of it nor is it the complete building block collection. However I am pleased to announce that JARVIS can finally generalize stuff. Also He has ears and a vocal box. Just kidding. He just has a sound class to communicate with the speaker and mic.

No sense is made of the sound yet however. Inputs and outputs are working fine. I need to figure out a model for the sound system. Just read about something called Language deaf. I think Ive experienced it a bit. I went to Thailand a few years back as a student. The hotel we stayed at had a manager who also spoke hindi. He asked me my name in hindi(my mother tongue) and i told him i did not speak Thai. I was looking for thai in the words he spoke. I think that is what is called being language deaf.

If the language deaf thing is correct( I have to read up on that. Dont even know if that is what it is called.) it means that our brain is constantly hearing sounds but is actually comparing them to models in our mind to figure out what they sound like. So in fact it is a massively parallel process as we have a lot of sounds that we can recognize on an average. I will work on that later.

Meanwhile im working on sight and text via keyboard too. Most probably I will reorganize the directory structure based on the brain(Need to read that too.)

Thats all for the update.
In case you are looking to help. Here is the git repo
Also the references for neural networks that i used to build the network for jarvis:

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Red tape

Suddenly my life is being run by red tape. I managed to finally see something. The joker was right. If u do something for free you lose your value. I was building the college website for free. Currently the setup is a simple html file serving business with a windows server. Completely open to a mimt attack. The site structure is a mess. Out of pity and a sense of belonging I made a django based website for them.

Not a very polished job but still lightyears ahead of the current setup. This is what i call constructive competition. Now the administration who updates the site wants me to plug this into frontpage2003. WTF!
Instant boilover. They dont want it. So i deleted the s=repo on the spot from my local computer. Of course i kept it on github so that i dont lose that work in case they come back to their senses.

However i now have a good mind to do some destructive competition. I wont but the administration deserves some.

Secondly for some reason the police verification of my passport failed. They say the same person was not presented upon verification as who applied for passport. WTF the policeman really did it.
We are forever lost and found in this world of laws. Laws of man ,made by man to govern man.

Red tape.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Youth. Lost.

Last night as i lay down to sleep, like most of the times I began to dream. A dream of thought. Where one leads to another and the thread of thought stretches on.

I thought of myself. I wonder if everyone is as lost as I am. We have no purpose. This clamour over being an all rounder. The average kid being able to hold her own in any field. It was good back in the days before industrial revolution. A child followed the family business. There was purpose. Now there is none. You see the illusion of free will is that from a very youg age we a re allowed to do anything.

Its like we are drowning at sea. There are a thousand boats that can save us but we have to swim to them. The thing is that only when we reach the boat do we see it's holes. In the hope of finding a boat with minimum holes we have all become boat hoppers. This is what free will does. This is what choice does. In all my short life I have come to know that once you are on the boat, stick to it.

This boat hopping behaviour leads to nincompoops in all the boats. Spineless men who leave when the shit hits the fan.This is simply youth lost. Freedom is not choosing something aout of whim and no person stopping you. Freedom is when you choose something while there is resistance to your choice. That is freedom. Freedom comes not from the acceptance of others but rather from the will of our own selves.

Im blabbing again. Maybe I should shop writing this stuff. Or not. Who knows. If I am one in  a million who are lost. Maybe there are a hundred like me. Maybe we all can get to gether and go to the same boat and stay there for better or for worse.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Back from the dead

I was busy with the college website. Back from the dead.
The thing with me is I cannot hold onto something long enough. I guess that is what everyone is like. It takes a lot of will to keep doing something.

Newfound respect from my father who has been doing the same thing for the last 20 years. Thats will. Getting up everyday and going to office even when he knows nothing new is going to happen.

These last days I saw something. Placements are going on in college. Its a big deal. You see the course Im doing has only a simple science gradation degree. Getting placed is a big thing here. The funny part is how people with amazing records will clamour for jobs even when they know that they will get better ones. Its like even though you are good; and you know it, you just cannot help that feeling that there are a million just like you.

This past semester we were taught physics by Dr. Jacob Cherian. The Physics honours students say hes a douchebag. Does nothing but tell stories and insult people in class. I violently disagree. He tells stories so that things stick in our heads. You are more likely to remember the laws of motion if they happened to your teacher intead of 'a point object'. Also the insulting is what i like. It shows the holes in our ideas and what the 'EDUCATION' system has done to us. In my opinion hes the one teacher who knows teaching is not about holding our hand and leading us. Its about pointing the way and smiling as we get bloodied.

More on this later. I think I finally named this blog correctly. Have no purpose.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Difficult progress

The code is misbehaving. Also I am having trouble with display. What should I choose to display the movement?
Blender seems like a good choice. Will look into that. It is also written in python.

Once I complete the mapping algo I will move on to the next thing.
Extracting equations from datasets using GA.
I read somewhere that Koza did this. Intentionally not reading up on his work. Will read after my experiment. That way I get to learn stuff on my own and so it sticks.

As the blog link states it is difficult for me to stick to a problem when i keep on failing. I guess that is just what is takes.

Going home for now. Will write again after some work.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Simple map navigation

This is now an official attempt to navigate a given map using genetic algorithms. I will be using the techniques explained in the previous post.
Genetic algorithms.
Look at the git page.

Now to explain the code.

  1. The gene
    1. The gene is composed of 'l' 'r' 'u' 'd'.
    2. each letter corresponds to a left, right up down movement on the map.
  2. The map
    1. the map is composed of empty spaces
    2. walls are determined by '0'
    3. entry point is 1
    4. target is 2
  3. The roulette function
    1. This can select a gene from a population based on the weights.
    2. It can select max and min fitness
With that done ill leace the rest of the code to be seen and read by you.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Genetic Algorithms

After a week of reading I see that we need to start with Genetic Algorithms.
So here is a brief description of what ill be making over the course of next week.

In a general algorithm for computing we see that alll the steps are defined by the programmer beforehand.

In GA we try to encode the solution set to be represented in a genome. This genome is simply a collection of instructions which when followed will lead to a solution.

This solution may not be optimum, it might even be barely solving the problem. However it is a solution.

eg. A good example is a collection of directions. 'lrlrllrrlrlllr'
This might not get the vehicle to the objective. However it is a possible solution.

First we create a population of these genomes. Thus the task of solving the problem is reduced to simply correctly representing the problem's solution  in a genome.

After this, we simply let the population evolve using two techniques. Crossover and Mutation rate. The evolution creates very optimized solutions for the problem due to natural selection.

In GAs the natural selection is carried out by the 'fitness' function. The method by which the fitness,crossover and mutation functions do their tasks may be varied to have different results.

Thus genetic algorithms are very good for searching things where the solution space is very large.
eg. If you need to search for a specific mathematical equation which correctly predicts a given data set, the search space is essentially all the possible mathematical equations. Here exhaustive searching will take a long time. Thus GAs will prove to be useful here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Changing goals

It looks like Ive taken up a bit too much here.
Its too wide a topic for me to just jump in. Ill be closing it down.

What Ill start with instead is the Genetic Algorithm method.
Well try to extract equations from raw datasets using genetic algorithms.

So here goes nothing. I know I should be using lisp but for the sake of my sanity..Ill continue with python for just a bit longer.

Ill be uploading the code tomorrow.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

No direction

Simply put.
I dont know where to start.

The first few commits have been done to the parallel computing repo but frankly speaking i dont know where to start.

This is what Ive decided.

Build the comms module completely. Will need help. Please feel free to contribute.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hanging in there

This week was hectic. Practicals and assignments to submit. Back to computing now.
After a little thought Ive decided that before writing the actual unit class Ill write the communication and environment classes.

Hence the first communication class.
Writing them in seperate files now as later on Ill reorganize and make a neat package out of it.

Will try to keep the dependencies down.

Here is the Git page

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The basic unit

Al right.
Ill be writing a basic unit class in python soon. Will be available in the git page.

Feedback is welcome.

To write a unit class that covers the general functions and properties of every type of unit which needs to be made.

  1. Communication
  2. Processing wrappers
  3. Performance tests
  4. Genetic algorithmic learning(Need to work on this)

See you people soon

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Local Call centers

I looked into some local call centers.
The way they work is simple.Let me try and explain this in a dry and aabstract way.

  1. All employees are capable of any post in the system. 
  2. All of them are recruited at the slave level. 
    1. A slave is an employee who actually does the talking during a call.
  3. There are teams of 5-10 slaves all headed by a team leader. 
    1. A team leader simply coordinates and measures performance of the team. It then submits the performance reports to Overseers
  4. There are 10-15 team leaders under one overseer
    1. The overseer manages team efficiency and shuffels teams.
    2. It collects reports from team leaders and thus manages them.
  5. 3-5 overseers collaborate to make a section work.
    1. Each section can be thought of as an individual cluster.
    2. Each section reports it's performance to a master.
  6. There is one master per system.
    1. The master manages sections.
    2. It makes the large scale decisions regarding the sections
    3. It may drop in for inspection[;-)]

Now with this structure in mind and taking a look at Genetic Algorithms and a popular neural network tutorial on the internet(here). Ill try and write some code relating to this structure.

I have decided on a communication structure. Im trying to emulate 'choice' here.
  1. Any employee can talk to any employee.
    1. Any communication has two parts.
      1. Asking
        1. The initiating employee must ask for something.
        2. This something has to be an object.
      2. Replying
        1. The employee being asked can decide to reply or not.
        2. The employee can decide to reply truthfully or not. Right now I will just implement it for an entirely truthful population
  2. All communication must be through the proper channels defined in the structure above.
  3. However communication between any two employees is possible.  Deviating from the structure costs efficiency.
  4. Talking takes time, thus efficiency.

I will be using python for the sake of sanity. When a code is generally accepted I will convert to C++ or some other appropriately faster language. Or maybe just use Jython or something similar.

Please pick out any faults in my code. It will be appreciated.
Ill post the github link soon.
Here is the link to the github page.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Looking for examples

Before beginning any work I must look for real life examples.
The first that comes to mind is a call center.

Thousands of employees attending to a wide range of customers but essestially all attending calls.
All processing that huge amount of data in parallel. No bottlenecks and very little serialization.

Ill probably call my uncle who works in one of these things. Study call centers and get back to you people.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Interesting things

Just read Engines of the Mind by Joel N. Shurkin.
After all these years I can finally relate the invention of Computers to something real. Thank you Joel.

Ill be starting my research into parallel computing and AI soon. This is because of something I have come to realize and accept. There is no higher purpose. We need to create our own purpose.
I have decided that I will create a being not unlike myself. For that I first need to understand how i work.

Wish me luck